Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Parental Control password on Direct TV?

Is there any way to override the parental control password on direct TV, cause i can never watch family guy or Its always funny in philadelphia anymore and its pissing me off

The password was put on for my lil bro though..Parental Control password on Direct TV?
That happen to me! but i kept guessing an guessing until i got it.. but u can do this... call customer service an ask them that u need to reset ur parental control, and be sure to have all the information that u think is going be required to pass by as the client!Parental Control password on Direct TV?
What you should do is find the next bill and get the amount for when they ask.

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You need to call dtv and request your receiver password to be reset. They may ask security questions to verify if you are really the account holder. anyways, they will just click a single button and voila, it will be done heehee ^^
Hi Knuckles,

It isn't easy because if you don't know the password you have to call and get it reset.

If you call DirecTV at 1(800) 347-3288 you can tell them that you forgot your parental control password. They will ask you a few questions to confirm your account and then will reset it over the satellite.

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